Facilities Management  Solutions and Consultancy Services

Inclusive Services Ltd 

  • Facilities Management - ISL can provide and advise on cutting-edge service Contract Management and Procurement solutions

  • Propose Service Delivery Redesigns and Business Process Re-engineering

  • Holistic Facilities Management Approach - Service Aggregation Management for Efficiencies

  • Thirty three years experience working with Blue Chip clients in the Public and Private sectors

  • National Award Client Winners - Golden Services Awards

  • Specialist Procurement Advisors - Strategic Service Delivery Partnerships - Mentoring and Dispute Mediation - Preparing for Partnership Working

  • Audit Commission Experience - Preparing for Inspections - Change Management Expertise - Procedure Reviews and Assessments

  • Term Partnering Contract Specialists

  • Open Book Accounting Specialists

  • Full Consultancy Services

  • Training provided in Customer Consultation, Service Delivery, Contract Performance Management and EU Procurement 

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